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The Art of Capturing Authentic Video Interviews

As a videographer with 13 years of experience, I have had the privilege of creating video interviews with people from all walks of life. From disadvantaged individuals to special children and their parents, from journalists and academics to experts in various industries, and from artists to musicians, I have learned that every individual has a unique story to tell.

To capture an authentic video interview, you need to approach it with empathy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the individual and their story. Here are the steps I follow to create powerful video interviews that connect with the audience:

Step 1: Preparation is Key

Before the interview, research the individual and their background to better understand their perspective. Prepare a list of questions that can evoke genuine and thoughtful responses. Find a quiet location with minimal distractions to conduct the interview. And don't forget to test your equipment beforehand to avoid any technical difficulties during the interview.

Step 2: Build Trust and Connection

When you meet the individual, introduce yourself and take the time to build rapport. Show interest in their life story, and listen carefully to their responses. Empathize with their experiences, and make them feel comfortable and safe to share their story with you.

Step 3: Let the Story Unfold Naturally

During the interview, avoid interrupting the individual, and allow them to express their thoughts and emotions freely. Ask follow-up questions that show your interest in their story and encourage them to elaborate on their responses. Keep the conversation flowing naturally, and be present in the moment.

Step 4: Capture the Essence of the Individual

To capture the individual's essence, pay attention to their body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. These non-verbal cues can convey more emotion and depth than words alone. Use close-ups and medium shots to emphasize their emotions and reactions.

Step 5: Edit with Care

Once you have the footage, edit it with care and attention to detail. Choose the best moments that capture the individual's story and essence. Add music, graphics, and other visuals that enhance the emotions and message of the interview. And don't forget to add captions for accessibility.

Creating an authentic video interview requires more than just technical skills. It requires empathy, creativity, and a deep understanding of the individual and their story. By following these steps, you can create video interviews that connect with the audience and inspire them to take action.

Fatih Ugur | Producer@Vidyograf |

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