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Exploring the Echoes of Ancient Anatolia: A Cinematic Tribute to Forgotten Civilizations

There's something profoundly humbling about standing amidst the remnants of civilizations long past. The rugged landscapes of Türkiye cradle the vestiges of ancient Lycian cities, each stone whispering tales of lives lived, dreams envisioned, and a history that transcends time.

a photo I captured at the ancient city of Rhodiapolis in Türkiye

As a passionate videographer and seeker of stories, I've embarked on a journey through time—a journey that has taken me to these enigmatic places where history and culture converge. I've always been fascinated by the tangible links to the past, and it's through my lens that I aim to capture the soul of these ancient cities and share their stories with the world.

Among the ancient Lycian cities I've explored are Termessos, Aphrodisias, Olimpos, Phaselis, and Rhodiapolis. Each site carries a unique energy, and it's impossible not to wonder about the lives of those who once walked these streets.

a drone photo I captured at the ancient city of Phaselis, Türkiye

One Lycian poem has resonated with me on a deeply emotional level: 'Don't be sad if you can't find me, you will find my stuff...' These words remind me that our fingerprints are left on the world through our actions, and this philosophy permeates my work. I've interwoven this sentiment into my videos, creating a connection between the past and the present, the people and the stones.

Cultural heritage and ancient history hold immense value for me as a video maker. Through the footage I capture, the drone shots that sweep over ancient theaters, and the images that linger on intricately carved sculptures, I strive to convey the essence of a time long gone. I find myself asking questions: What were their dreams? What motivated their actions? What stories have been lost to time?

a photo I captured at the ancient city of Olympos in Türkiye

One unforgettable encounter was with the Termessos ancient city—a majestic theater perched high above, seemingly touching the sky. As I guided my drone to capture its splendor, my hands trembled with awe. This is a place where history isn't just observed; it's felt.

the drone photo I took while my hands were trembling at the ancient city of Termessos in Türkiye

In the video below, I've not only sought to document the physical remnants of these cities but also to convey the intangible sense of connection they evoke. Using my audio equipment, I recorded my own voice as I read the ancient poem I mentioned above. With careful attention, I edited the footage, blending the poem's timeless wisdom with dramatic music that echoed the emotions of the past. Each frame holds the energy of the people who once called these places home, and it's my privilege to share that energy with a wider audience.

Join me in this visual expedition through time, as I pay homage to the extraordinary legacy that humankind has left behind. Let's celebrate cultural heritage, ancient history, and the stories that transcend generations. 🌍🎥✨

Fatih Ugur | Producer@Vidyograf |


  • Sony a7iii + Kit Lens

  • Samyang 2.8/14mm (Wide Angle) Lens

  • Dji Mavic Air and Phantom 3 Pro Drones

  • Dji Ronin S Gimbal

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